I tried to be hopeful for this presidency. I really tried.

But the hope faded quickly. Actually, almost immediately, because he hasn’t been in office a week and look what he’s done.

He’s going to ruin us. I’m not being dramatic. Wake up, America! I can’t make this stuff up. And it’s all real. I included sources, and there were multiple sources for each one, so if you don’t believe me, look them up yourself.

  1. He’s repealing ACA (source)
  2. Expedited and approved the Keystone XL pipeline project (source)
  3. No more TPP (source)
  4. He’s going to build a wall (wanna bet that we pay for it? probably in more ways than one) (source)
  5. Renegotiating NAFTA (source)
  6. Reinstated the global gag rule on abortion (source)
  7. Silenced national parks’ social media accounts because they mentioned climate change, which is a real thing. Also scientists! #science (source)
  8. Wants to ban refugees from entering the United States (source)
  9. Repeats that the election was a fraud because millions of illegals didn’t vote for him (source)
  10. His staff is using private email accounts (source) and Trump is using an unsecured Android phone (source)
  11. Wants to bring back torture methods (source)
  12. Kellyanne Conway says the White House uses alternative facts (source)
  14. During a press briefing, Sean Spicer called on LifeZette first – the website that published FAKE news during the election. (source) Sean Spicer is also lying when giving press briefings. (source about disagreeing with facts)
  15. Net neutrality will likely go away (source)
  16. I almost forgot his Martial Law statement tweet regarding Chicago (source)

If this doesn’t alarm you, give yourself a history lesson. Inform yourself. Trump is going to hurt us more than he is going to help us. The sooner you realize this, the better for everyone.

I don’t care if you voted for him or not. I seriously don’t give a shit about that. He’s in the White House. He’s passing bills, and it’s frightening.

I care about our future. You should too.

This year has me WOKE AF! I marched in the Women’s March on Washington (in St. Paul, MN). It was the most amazing event I’ve ever experienced. We were all there together, supporting each other with kindness. And I have to keep reminding myself of this little rallying cry we said during the march, “Who are we? Majority! What do we want? Equality!”

Equality. It shouldn’t be a lot to ask for, but it is, sadly. I take care of myself and I want to take care of others. And I won’t rest until equality is truly equality.

I’m keeping hope alive for our nation, but these Trump years are going to be an uphill battle. The activist in me is ready.