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@realIdiotDrumpf in 2012

Trump must understand the First Amendment. Wow! Look? Did you see what he tweeted in 2012 when Obama won his 2nd term? It’s like he really gets it.

But wait…


@realIdiotDrumpf in 2016

Trumpy, what now? How can you be mad? The power of the First Amendment is at work. Also, maybe you shouldn’t be near Twitter. Don’t you have some meetings and important decisions to make regarding Cabinet positions?

This isn’t surprising at all.

You can’t tell us to stop protesting. It’s our right. Read the United States Constitution for once in your life.

I honestly believe he knows nothing about the United States government. He’s in for a ride as President. Maybe he’ll just resign, but then we’d all have to live under Pence (I hate gays) the Radical’s regime. Ugh.